Wednesday, September 1, 2010

WHERE has the SUMMER gone?

The HEAT of Vegas has somehow stymied my blog for two months! Unbelievable!
Perhaps it is due to the fact that I have been out enjoying the sun and watching the boats on Lake Mead!
Did you get your boat out this summer? There is still plenty of time and plenty of wonderful weather to take advantage of the fresh air, sun and water, and absorb that last bit of summer which actually lasts well into the month of October in Southern Nevada. Believe me, at any given time on a weekend now, even with the kids in school, many folks are out with their boats on their trailers, off to the lake to fish, swim, and just relax from their hectic work week or the first week of school. Party on! It's Labor Day weekend, notably the last "hurrah" before winter sets in and the boat goes to dry dock! Just a few cautions please--be safe, take care, be patient, and don't drink on your boat--especially if you have kids aboard and are "driving!"

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The HEAT IS ON!! So are the BOATS!

Summer began, according to our calendars, one week ago today! I see boats being towed on just about every major street and artery in Las Vegas! Yes, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, is heading for the water because the temperatures are a'risin'!!
Tomorrow, 6/28, on OUR "east" side of town, nearest to Lake Mead, it is forecast to be 111 degrees!!! This will be sustained throughout MOST of this week and on! Can you imagine how glorious it is out on our huge Lake Mead as well as on the smaller lakes around like Lake Las Vegas?? The sky is so blue and the few little clouds around are pure white!
What a time to get your boat, your water skis, your Sea-Doos, your inflatable towing toys out and in use! The kids are out of school so go and have yourself some good clean fun! PLEASE--Remember that sun screen! The UV's are at their highest range right now and a miserable sunburn is not the memory you want to hold on to when you think about your summer vacation on the water here! Be safe and be smart!
Do you have all your safety gear? Anything you need you can find by going to the "" access port to the right and doing your shopping!
Have fun and a safe start to your summer recreation! Oh by the way, the 4th of July is spectacular when the boats on the lakes are decorated! Comne on down to Las Vegas and take a look...Enjoy your BOATS AFLOAT!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Where HAS the time GONE! I had NO idea it had been so long since I blogged about boating here in Las Vegas!
We have had THE MOST incredible weather! The ski resorts JUST closed within the last two weeks, and it has stayed cool and lovely! Now, Memorial Day is here, and Lake Mead is bursting with boaters!
It's Friday night, and people are coming from all over the country after hearing we will have 95 degree weather on the water on Monday! Bring on the sun screen! Bring on the barbecues!
Have you checked out the new boats on There are clear boats, and glass bottomed boats--great for seeing the LOST CITY in the bottom of Lake Mead! The LOST CITY only appears when the water level is this low. It was last seen MANY, MANY years ago, and now it is visible! The water level is over 150 feet below normal, and even though the boat ramps have been relocated, you can still launch your boat, your water skis, your Wave Runners, Jet Ski's and Sea-Doos on our fabulous LAKE MEAD!
Just enjoy and PLEASE--be wary and courteous to other boaters! Above all, BE SAFE! Have a Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

SUMMER is hot on SPRING'S heels!

Wow! April came in like March's lamb, and it's been a creeping spring for 2010 and Las Vegas!
Today, April 17, the heat seeped through to 86 degrees, and people are walking around in shorts, fanning themselves, and increasing their water intake in preparation for the ensuing summer heat! We have a light breeze today, and it will manage to cool down at night for just a few more short weeks! What a way for spring to speed ahead, bringing on SUMMER, and all the fun, relaxation, and enjoyment of your favorite water sport as well!
There is still a lot of snow on our mountains, but the "washes" are constantly bringing water down to Lake Mead from the melt. In doing so, our desert plants are getting the water they so badly thirst for, and the desert flowers are ALL in bloom! Have you seen the pictures of Death Valley? Flowers have laid the most glorious carpet on the valley floor!
Get out those boats, and water skis, etc. (If they need replacing, just enter any of my Amazon portals to order!) It's time to dust them off, clean them up and ready them for some fun on the water! The Lake is being replenished, and SUMMER is JUST AROUND THE CORNER!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Put Away Your SNOW BOATS!

WOW! How time flies! Spring has sprung, and even though there is still snow on our mountains here around the Las Vegas perimeter, it is 70 degrees, windy and GORGEOUS! It's SPRING BREAK!
This weekend is the heralded "TEA PARTY" gathering in Searchlight, Nevada, which is a mere "hop, skip and a jump", like less than an hour south from fabulous Las Vegas, and north from Laughlin! It is almost a half way mark along the long stretch of lonely highway that runs through there.
Only about 800 people actually live in Searchlight, and there are more than 10,000 attendees, and the lake is beckoning the "HOUSEBOAT LEGIONNAIRES!"
Many houseboats that were in storage have been brought into the Marina, cleaned and polished for service for this weekend alone. Many other boaters will be out on Lake Mead, and perhaps even some water skiers on the Colorado River in Laughlin, as well!
What a fabulous weekend weather-wise for water sports! Go on through my Amazon portal and take a look at house boats and all the accessories for this particular water vehicle!
Remember, there are still some skiers on the snow at Mt. Charleston too!
Bring your boats, your water toys or your snow toys, and come on up and enjoy the ability to both snow ski AND water ski, all during Spring Break, in OUR incomparable Nevada desert! Oh, and don't forget to check out the fantastic WILDFLOWERS as well! You ONLY can see them IN THE SPRING!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Amazing Winter Olympics in Las Vegas!

It is almost the last week of February and another, yes, another storm is on it's way into the Las Vegas valley as we speak! The mountains have a dusting of snow at present, but after this weekend we will again have snow caps galore!
The roads to Mt. Charleston may require chains, so please be aware! It is dangerous in this area not to "chain up" as required. Most people do not have even snow tires on their vehicles, so getting in and out of these resorts, in the white stuff, proves quite difficult and treacherous at times!
There are many higher elevations north and east of us here in the southern part of the state, where people are so enjoying their sleds, snow mobiles, skis, and snow boards--just like at the Olympics! GO USA!!
The snow "boats" are on the hills and people are having a ball! It has been so gorgeous this week in the valley proper, as the temperatures have reached 70 plus degrees, but not so on the snow covered mountains! With temperatures in the twenties and thirties, those snow "boaters" will be enjoying the winter festivities for many more weeks to come.
Should you change your mind, and not want to go to the snow, bring that BOAT to FLOAT on Lake Mead this weekend, and out onto the beautiful rising water! You will be able to see snow all around you and not have to be IN IT!! To your GOOD health!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


February has arrived in southern Nevada, and it has been raining for days off and on! In a week's time, we have received MORE than our yearly total already, with more storms on the way! Snow covers the tops of all of our mountain ranges...what a magnificent sight for our visitors coming to our fabulous desert for the Super Bowl and the upcoming Valentine's weekend!
Snow is falling EVERYWHERE! That beautiful white stuff has presented several feet in the higher elevations, and the skis and snow mobiles are OUT in force! For some right now, who live up on the mountain, and many others across the northern states and the mid Atlantic, there is a desperate need for snow mobiles just for transportation to work, or to get groceries and other necessities! Many people have their cars and trucks practically buried under several feet of snow, with doors frozen shut, unable to even start their vehicles or chain up.
Have you settled on which brand of snow mobile YOU want to buy? Have you even thought about how welcome, practical or serviceable one would be right now? Maybe you don't need it because you are still able to drive your 4-wheel or truck, but there is still a lot of time to have some good fun racing around on one with your family, or friends while the snow abounds! Try for your every sporting need for your 2010 snow adventures! Enjoy, but keep WARM!