Wednesday, September 1, 2010

WHERE has the SUMMER gone?

The HEAT of Vegas has somehow stymied my blog for two months! Unbelievable!
Perhaps it is due to the fact that I have been out enjoying the sun and watching the boats on Lake Mead!
Did you get your boat out this summer? There is still plenty of time and plenty of wonderful weather to take advantage of the fresh air, sun and water, and absorb that last bit of summer which actually lasts well into the month of October in Southern Nevada. Believe me, at any given time on a weekend now, even with the kids in school, many folks are out with their boats on their trailers, off to the lake to fish, swim, and just relax from their hectic work week or the first week of school. Party on! It's Labor Day weekend, notably the last "hurrah" before winter sets in and the boat goes to dry dock! Just a few cautions please--be safe, take care, be patient, and don't drink on your boat--especially if you have kids aboard and are "driving!"

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