Saturday, April 17, 2010

SUMMER is hot on SPRING'S heels!

Wow! April came in like March's lamb, and it's been a creeping spring for 2010 and Las Vegas!
Today, April 17, the heat seeped through to 86 degrees, and people are walking around in shorts, fanning themselves, and increasing their water intake in preparation for the ensuing summer heat! We have a light breeze today, and it will manage to cool down at night for just a few more short weeks! What a way for spring to speed ahead, bringing on SUMMER, and all the fun, relaxation, and enjoyment of your favorite water sport as well!
There is still a lot of snow on our mountains, but the "washes" are constantly bringing water down to Lake Mead from the melt. In doing so, our desert plants are getting the water they so badly thirst for, and the desert flowers are ALL in bloom! Have you seen the pictures of Death Valley? Flowers have laid the most glorious carpet on the valley floor!
Get out those boats, and water skis, etc. (If they need replacing, just enter any of my Amazon portals to order!) It's time to dust them off, clean them up and ready them for some fun on the water! The Lake is being replenished, and SUMMER is JUST AROUND THE CORNER!

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