Sunday, June 27, 2010

The HEAT IS ON!! So are the BOATS!

Summer began, according to our calendars, one week ago today! I see boats being towed on just about every major street and artery in Las Vegas! Yes, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, is heading for the water because the temperatures are a'risin'!!
Tomorrow, 6/28, on OUR "east" side of town, nearest to Lake Mead, it is forecast to be 111 degrees!!! This will be sustained throughout MOST of this week and on! Can you imagine how glorious it is out on our huge Lake Mead as well as on the smaller lakes around like Lake Las Vegas?? The sky is so blue and the few little clouds around are pure white!
What a time to get your boat, your water skis, your Sea-Doos, your inflatable towing toys out and in use! The kids are out of school so go and have yourself some good clean fun! PLEASE--Remember that sun screen! The UV's are at their highest range right now and a miserable sunburn is not the memory you want to hold on to when you think about your summer vacation on the water here! Be safe and be smart!
Do you have all your safety gear? Anything you need you can find by going to the "" access port to the right and doing your shopping!
Have fun and a safe start to your summer recreation! Oh by the way, the 4th of July is spectacular when the boats on the lakes are decorated! Comne on down to Las Vegas and take a look...Enjoy your BOATS AFLOAT!

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