Friday, February 19, 2010

Amazing Winter Olympics in Las Vegas!

It is almost the last week of February and another, yes, another storm is on it's way into the Las Vegas valley as we speak! The mountains have a dusting of snow at present, but after this weekend we will again have snow caps galore!
The roads to Mt. Charleston may require chains, so please be aware! It is dangerous in this area not to "chain up" as required. Most people do not have even snow tires on their vehicles, so getting in and out of these resorts, in the white stuff, proves quite difficult and treacherous at times!
There are many higher elevations north and east of us here in the southern part of the state, where people are so enjoying their sleds, snow mobiles, skis, and snow boards--just like at the Olympics! GO USA!!
The snow "boats" are on the hills and people are having a ball! It has been so gorgeous this week in the valley proper, as the temperatures have reached 70 plus degrees, but not so on the snow covered mountains! With temperatures in the twenties and thirties, those snow "boaters" will be enjoying the winter festivities for many more weeks to come.
Should you change your mind, and not want to go to the snow, bring that BOAT to FLOAT on Lake Mead this weekend, and out onto the beautiful rising water! You will be able to see snow all around you and not have to be IN IT!! To your GOOD health!

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